Foreign investors are welcome in any sector of Moldova. And yet, for their convenience, the country has created many outstanding platforms where incentives are abundant and working conditions are better. Free Economic Zones and Industrial Parks are the most common platforms that attract both foreign and local investors. There are seven Free Economic Zones (FEZs) - which contain 17 sub-zones - and eight Industrial Parks (IPs) in Moldova. Last year the Government decided to open a special high technology park for the IT industry in the capital - which is known as Moldova IT Park.

FEZ and IP residents enjoy a special treatment from the authorities, such as zero to low VAT; long-term guarantees on legislative changes; round o’clock customs clearance; excellent road and utility infrastructure; EU border green lane; low cost of rental or sale price for land; minimal inspections.

Moldova’s FEZs and IPs accommodate the largest part of the country’s industry and account for the largest share of exports.