Located in the South-Eastern Europe, between Ukraine and Romania, the Republic of Moldova is endowed with rich agricultural black soil and temperate climate. Most of the territory consists of moderate hilly plateaus whose reliefs have been shaped by numerous streams and rivers. The Moldovan agriculture and processing industry traditionally represented the main branches of the national economy. About 75 percent of the country’s total area is agricultural and forest land.

Small but digitally literate country - Moldova its an ideal testing ground for piloting new services and products.

Considering that there are already existing hubs for automotive and agritech industries (either in partnerships with academia or private companies), R&D and engineering services is expected to be the best performing segment, which will post a 5-year CAGR of 12.24% to reach $30.94 million in 2024. 

Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is proud to have won the “Emerging city of the year in SEE” award, ahead of cities such as Tbilisi and Sofia, in one of the most important conferences in the field of Business Process Outsourcing & Shared Service Center - “CEE Business Services Summit and Awards 2020”, held in Warsaw, Poland.