Get involved in the promotion of Moldova's tourism potential, encouraging others to take on protected journeys, from your own experience. Not just for admiration and prizes, but also because you can do it.

Visit Ghidul Maratonului in order to learn the details and benefit from surprises. 

The Republic of Moldova isn’t just a land with enchanting views and sweet fruit, but also a true nest of masters of parties and innovative events. Whatever the purpose of visit, Moldova is a place for offers of all tastes. 

Wine lovers can have a glass of Negru de Purcari on the Wine Day, or wander about the underground galleries at Cricova Winery, or take part in the annual race organized in the vineyards at Mileștii Mici (Wine Run).

Sports enthusiasts are expected to unwind at the Mountain Cycling Marathon or VeloHora. Those who want to learn some history could contemplate the Dniester River from the walls of the Soroca Fortress or become a knight at the Medieval Festival. Pilgrims in search of peace can pray in the caves of the famous Țâpova Monastery or hide from civilization in the Pădurea Domnească natural reservation. And music lovers have many opportunities to listen to famous symphonies or jazz outdoors, in various parts of the country.

One of the campaigns supported by the Moldovan Investment Agency is # Ne-amPornit, whose routes include stops at a variety of locations and sites that make up the natural, cultural, historical and economic heritage of the country. The campaign has identified over 700 destinations on the tourist map of Moldova, which can be visited depending on your interests and preferences. The tourist attractions within this campaign have been gathered on this site:, where visitors may contribute their own experience.

MIA has also developed a national campaign titled "Not in February", whose purpose is the international promotion of tourism in Moldova by delivering offers tailored to each month of the year. Travelers will be able to choose both the itinerary and the right time to travel the desired route.

More recently - a local start-up (Teleportravel) has developed an online guide delivered from an application integrated into Messenger service, which provides for access to over 20 tours in the least explored areas of Moldova. Anyone will be able to create his or her own tours and even sell them to tourists.

The best campaigns are those designed by yourself, and for this reason we invite you to connect all the tourist points on Moldova’s map through your own experience!