Organized on annual basis by the Moldovan Investment Agency, in collaboration with other public authorities, Moldova Business Week is an international event that brings together foreign investors, local and foreign entrepreneurs and business people, economic experts and analysts, representatives of state institutions and of the diplomatic missions accredited in Chișinău. 

The event represents an instrument of the Government of Moldova to brief the participants about the most important updates in the legislative and regulatory framework on economic matters, and about the measures it has taken to improve the business climate and investment conditions, the latest reforms and opportunities, and the country’s foreign trade statistics. 

Also, Moldova Business Week is the largest platform that connects business people and investors from various regions with domestic product suppliers and service providers. It is a reason to analyze the economic trends and national policies in the global context, the relationships with the neighbors and EU and CIS partners. 

Moldova Business Week’s agenda is broken down into distinct clusters to address the themes in a more specific, industry-based format - ICT & BPO, Agrifood, Tourism, Green Energy, Creative Industries, Textiles, Automotive, Cinema Production. A ProExport Forum and a Fashion Conference are organized as part of this event too.  
Participation in Moldova Business Week requires an invitation while the registration and confirmation take place on a special website of this event: