Investing in foreign countries is a complex procedure, and often it is a challenge to understand where to start. The Guide provides potential investors with all the necessary information that helps to comprehend the investment environment and various investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova.

By this Guide we invite you to discover this environment, which stimulates entrepreneurial spirit, investment, and innovation. In the Guide you will find out that despite some challenging political and economic conditions, Moldovan legal ramework supports the country’s enormous potential for foreign investors. Moldovan economy requires massive investment and provides numerous opportunities, whether through a partnership with a state company or through private investment.

In recent years, the Government of the Republic of Moldova has made a lot of significant changes to the legal framework regulating entrepreneurial activity and investments in Moldova. A growing number of laws complies with European Union (EU) standards and the process of harmonisation of Moldovan legislation with the EU rule of law is advancing steadily. The required business regulatory bodies were appointed in line with the modern market economy. Interaction with the public authorities is in active and continuous process of digitalization. Also, several significant incentives and facilities have been provided for the production and IT sector.

The purpose of the Guide is to make you, as a potential investor, to understand and to be able to prognose the development of your investments in Moldova, to know the number of existing formalities and the mechanism of staring business, as well as to feel very close to the regulatory authorities in each phase the growth of your investment. Using this Guide, you could go deeper by accessing the sites of the authorities, request information, apply for a licence, authorization or file a notification. Moreover, templates for your business could be downloaded here.

The Guide is structured so that it also provides a comprehensive summary over the Moldovan banking system, personal data requirements, capital market regulations, M&A opportunities, and other regulatory aspects in Moldova, tailored on needs of foreign investors. A very specific Chapter is dedicated to economic activity during a crisis, providing legal solutions based on the COVID-19 situation.

If you would like to pursue further any investment opportunities and still have any questions or need certain detailed information in a particular area, the Moldovan Investment Agency is ready to support you and offer advice that would respond to your specific needs.

Please note that this Guide is designed to provide information suitable for common cases only and does not constitute professional advice. The information in the Guide and related legislation is based on laws in effect as of 1 July 2020.

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