The ongoing transformations worldwide are creating new challenges for Moldovan exporters and - in order to help them adapt faster to the growing demands of markets - the Moldovan Investment Agency has worked out a number of more specific programs. 

Export Morning

The Export Morning platform is designed for information exchange, acquiring new international practices, and trade orientation. Participants in this interactive activity have a chance to learn details about new opportunities for export, the target market’s macroeconomic indicators, legislative and technical import requirements in the destination market, consumer preferences, distribution channels, and the competition environment. 

The moderators of the respective sessions are members of the diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova, which illustrate the situation in their countries and offer recommendations for Moldovan companies. These sessions are also attended by officials of Moldova’s central public authorities concerned about export operations, for example the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the Customs Service, the Border Police, and the Department of Metrology and Standardization.

Most of the participants are from the pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetics, automotive, agriculture and food industries, furniture manufacturing, machine building, although this platform is open to companies in any field that carry out or intend to carry out export operations.

Participation in these sessions is free of charge:

Eco Moldova

Another platform, Eco Moldova, is intended to promote producers of value-added commodities for exports, in the context of Moldova’s alignment to the global ecological standards and an environment-friendly economy. 

Moldova is a major regional exporter of bio products such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey, canned products, oils, etc., which fit the highest quality standards. Eco Moldova is a genuine trampoline for companies willing to diversify their offers and expand their business area. 

The participants in this platform are aided by a joint team of representatives of MIA, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, and other authorities, but also of cross-related associations during presentations or negotiations with potential buyers.


This is a cross-border project with the participation of authorities and exporters from three countries - the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria. Funded by the European Union through the Operational Program "Black Sea Basin 2014-2020", the WINET project aims to promote trade and innovation in the wine industry, with the end point of exporting wines to Black Sea region countries.

The project is implemented by MIA in collaboration with the Tulcea Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Romania) and the Stare Zagora Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria), between April 2019 and April 2021.

WINET provides for the promotion of manufacturers both through traditional networks and through the web, taking advantage of information technologies and innovations in online marketing.

More information here: 


The GoOnline program aims to digitally transform local businesses for their further connection to the global economy. E-commerce has been a business trend for many years, saving time and resources, and in the current pandemic it has become one of the most effective solutions for economic survival.

Thanks to this project ( / / goonlineMoldova) MIA aims to support the activities of exporters who want to modernize the available web resources, to integrate online payment processing systems within their websites, to develop the visual brands, to pursue online marketing campaigns, and other activities that are necessary to sustain a business in a post-Covid-19 world.

MIA grants 500 euros in funding support for each beneficiary, in collaboration with the EBRD and USAID, which are its partners in this project.

Level Up

This program is broadly similar to GoOnline, except that the beneficiaries are exclusively from the fashion industry. Level Up provides for 9-month training sessions for industry leaders and financial support for the acquisition of digital tools to develop online stores. The program is structured in several stages and involves obtaining skills in the management of those stores, distribution logistics, and product marketing.

The first beneficiaries of this program are the companies participating in the campaign called “# DinInimă” (From the Heart), whose objective is to push Moldovan brands out into international markets.

Information about this program:

Export missions

Export missions, also called trade missions, play an important role in getting Moldovan exports promoted. Organized under the auspices of the Government, they help identify the export opportunities, study the particularities of the destination markets and establish collaborative relationships with foreign partners. In this regard, MIA provides for informational, logistical and financial support for participation in such missions. The Investment Agency of the Republic of Moldova presents the country brand, covers the travel expenses and participation fees at relevant exhibitions for exporters, assumes the production costs of visibility materials, and participates in negotiations with potential buyers.