The Investment Agency is mandated to promote the export activity of the country by:

  •  Domestic goods and services promotion on foreign markets;
  •  National export promotion programs and strategies implementation;
  •  Informing companies about export opportunities and presenting success stories;
  •  Foreign markets analysis and providing analytical information on export opportunities;
  •  Collaboration with the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova in the country and abroad;
  •  Organizing seminars, training courses for local companies in the field of export;

The economic changes taking place worldwide create lots of challenges for exporters around the world, including those in the Republic of Moldova. To help them adapt as quickly as possible to the growing demands of the global market, but also to become as competitive as possible, the Investment Agency has (re) conceptualized a number of programs and projects to support and motivate exporters:

Investment Agency's exporters support programs

In order to better capitalize on export opportunities, but also to increase the skills and competitiveness of domestic companies for the export oriented to the strategic markets of the Republic of Moldova, the Investment Agency developed and launched the Export-Morning program, based on the study " Evaluation of the Export Prioritization of the Republic of Moldova” conducted at the request of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. The survey helped to identify 20 priority markets with high capitalization potential.

The Export Morning program focuses on the technical presentation of each of the selected countries, providing exporters with information on macroeconomic parameters, consumer profiles, market access conditions and channels, factors and success experiences of companies already exporting to that market.

The 11 sessions held during 2019-2021 targeted Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, China, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and the Baltic States, and more than 120 local companies participated, most of them exporters from various sectors: furniture, food industry, textile industry, automotive, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc.

Program Results:

 11 sessions dedicated to the countries: Romania, Poland, Bulgaria , Germany, Italy, Czech, China , the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates  and the Baltic States
 Over 480 people - number of participants
 Over 33,000 - views, 90% being exporters
 60 speakers and local experts
 Over 50 local companie who shared their export experience in the target markets
 11 comprehensive studies of the markets in the countries concerned
 Covered sectors agri-food, textiles, wine, automotive, cosmetics, machinery, etc.

The Investment Agency, with the financial support of the World Bank (CAP II Competitiveness Improvement Project), developed the “Export Missions” program, in order to increase and diversify exports from key sectors of the Republic of Moldova. The program provides the identification of relevant business partners in the announced target markets, as well as the organization of individual bilateral sessions for contracting deliveries. The program is a promotion and assistance tool for local entrepreneurs, facilitating external markets access in accordance with international requirements and standards.

Thus, the Program provides 60 beneficiary companies from five selected sectors: fresh fruit; electronics; furniture; manufacture of bottled wines; food and non-alcoholic beverages and business missions to identify customers will be organized in target markets, as follows:

  • Fresh fruits - Germany, Baltic States
  • Electronics - Germany
  • Furniture - Romania
  • Wines - Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland)
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages (with the possibility to select a single country Romania or the Baltic States)

The program was launched on February 2, 2020. The live can be watched on the facebook page of the Investment Agency (@investmoldova) or on the channel (The Launch of a new program - Export Mission (

The WINET project - Trade and innovation in the wine industry is funded by the European Union through the Operational Program BLACK SEA BASIN 2014-2020 and aims to improve trade and exports in the wine sector in the Black Sea Basin countries, being implemented by the Investment Agency of Republic of Moldova in partnership with the Stara Zagora Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria) and the Tulcea Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Romania), between April 2019 and April 2021. The total eligible value of the project is 686,996.00 Euro. WINET addresses the issue of cross-border cooperation, with a new approach based on a combination of classic networks and modern online technologies together with current trends and being supported by wine sector development strategies in participating countries, which will increase trade between Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, as well as exports to other countries.
For more information you can see the official page of the WINET project.

Although, the Republic of Moldova ranks first in terms of exports volume to EU countries (about 69.9% for 2018) compared to Ukraine and Georgia, in terms of export diversification it registers a slow and unsatisfactory growth trend, about 3%. In order to promote the export of value-added products but also to support its diversification into new markets, the Agency developed and launched the ECO Moldova Program, by creating the country's Exhibition Shelf.

Eco Moldova shelves contain food products from 17 local companies producing organic products that use organic raw materials or are in conversion (dried fruits and vegetables, teas, preserves), honey, nuts, cold-pressed oils, etc.


The ECO Moldova shelf was distributed to the 34 diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova (but also in the headquarters of partners and international organizations) being a tool for additional promotion of niche sectors in the Republic of Moldova, used to negotiate product access to networks distribution in the markets in which the economic attachés fulfill their mission.

 17 local companies producing organic products present at Raft
 34 diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova beneficiaries of the product promotion
 6 shelves exhibited in the headquarters of development partners and state institutions as a tool for additional promotion of niche sectors in the Republic of Moldova

Programs supported by the Investment Agency

The program involves transforming Moldovan Fashion Industry companies by involving them in a 9-month intensive coaching program with local and international advisors / mentors, industry leaders, but also according financial support in the acquisition of digital technical tools for creating online stores. The program is structured in stages and implies obtaining several skills, including brand philosophy, marketing and communication for e-commerce, international legal presence and logistics, taxation, customs procedures, etc.

Considering the multitude of participation requests for the acceleration program, 30 best-prepared and e-commerce-oriented enterprises were selected, all members of the DININIMA brand. A 3 months digital promotion on social networks program costs about 1500-1600 euros per company. The Investment Agency co-finances together with the Moldova Competitiveness Project the digital promotion for 20 brands. Subsequently, after testing this digital marketing approach and completing the online stores, it is desired to capitalize on the similar targeting initiative on the Romanian market.


20 businesses of the light industry supported, members of the DININIMA brand
20 stores functional online
20 individual reports with recommendations for improving the stores for technical operation
20 individual reports with recommendations for improving digital promotion


The Investment Agency, as a government partner, provided support to domestic entrepreneurs through the "GoOnline" program. The program aims to facilitate the transition of Moldovan small and medium enterprises to e-commerce and involves connecting them to digital service providers, including special creative companies in branding, digital marketing, online payments, logistics, IT support and other e-commerce services. . The program contributes to increasing the online visibility of local businesses, creative companies and IT have the opportunity to provide services during the pandemic crisis and the post-COVID-19 period. The first digital aid kit worthing 500 euros per beneficiary that the Investment Agency, in partnership with other Go Online partners (USAID, EBRD) offers to companies, includes:


 Website development / landing pages
 Website integrated electronic payment services (on request)
 Social Media Marketing
 Design services: basic logo development
 Free shuttle services for one month

  • 20 businesses supported, of which: 8 in the field of tourism and handmade products and 12 in the field of agricultural products and organic and plastic waste processing.
  • 12 educational webinars on e-commerce and digitization organized
  • A 4-days Digital Marketing marathon
  • 25 providers in business collaboration

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