Lying at the crossroads of main trade routes in Eurasia, the Republic of Moldova represents a genuine hub amassing the experience, continuity, and diversity of the generations that have shaped the present and sways our future. 

This message is conveyed by a symbol that authentically expresses the country’s visual identity, which inspires love for life, values of freedom, and the eternal journey to the springs of wisdom. 

Became a Country Brand in 2018, the Tree of Life is the image of the country used to promote trade, tourism and investment. Through its elements, the Tree of Life reflects the strategic sectors of the national economy, inviting investors to #GrowinMoldova.

More information about the Country Brand - The Tree of Life and its structural elements, as well as about the sub-brands of the country brand can be found on the dedicated page -

The Investment Agency is the only institution mandated to promote the image of the Republic of Moldova on the economic and investment dimension, being the administrator of the Country Brand for good positioning on the international economic radar.